1. inception of aisolo

If there's one thing i've always wanted to do my entire life, is to build my own company. After almost 29 years of waiting, today, I finally embark on the journey. What made me do it? A bunch of things.

The Beginning

I come from a very simple background. My dad has always been a businessman, he tried his hand across multiple businesses. He kept failing, but kept building new things. Around 12-13 years old, i'd spend some time with him. Look at him hustling. He is great at speaking to customers. But he was struggling to make money or rather raise us. We are 3 siblings. Somehow, he managed to help us through school. And then high school. But after this point, we were on our own. I went on to graduate as an engineer. I did an MBA, started up a community during MBA. Spent around 8 years in Building and scaling products. Now i felt ready, generative ai struck. Code became easier. I felt even more ready.


I used a third party service to help me register my company. My initial company name was UPYOGAI PVT LTD, got rejected, I'm now calling the company AISOLO TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. Idea being i want to build a company using AI and in public. This is where I am today. I'm still unsure about the direction I want to finalise, but I know it has to be a startup. Currently going through compliances I need to fill.

Updates / week

Starting this post - I will try and release a post / week to guide you through my journey of building my company.